Client Reviews 

"We chose Holly for our wedding photos and we are so glad we did! My husband and I are not ones for lots of photos and posey shots and she understood what we were looking for. She was so easy to work with, laid back, and unobtrusive during the ceremony and easy going after.  Had suggestions for photos but also went with what we wanted as well. Received our photos within a couple weeks and loved them! Not only did everyone look great in the photos, but she really captured the natural beauty of our beach wedding. Thank you a million times Holly for making our day so great and capturing great images that we will cherish!" 

"Holly was great to work with. She took fresh, imaginative wedding photos, breaking away from the usual poses you always see. Her comfortable style put everyone at ease which came through well in the pictures. We enjoyed working with her and would suggest Holly for anyone's wedding."

“Holly did an outstanding job as my photographer! She met with me beforehand to review the details of my wedding, arrived promptly on the day of the wedding, and made it so easy for me to take my shots. Holly is easy-going, funny, yet very professional at the same time. Weddings are stressful enough as it is and she made me feel relaxed and put me at ease. I absolutely loved her work! My photos were so modern, which I loved because I never wanted those “old-fashioned” wedding photos. I would highly recommend holly for any photography services.” 

“Holly made everyone feel comfortable and we all enjoyed her fun personality. Her images appeared to be so connected to the energy of the moment. She focuses on the subtle and unique elements only she can notice and shoot! She is a true fine artist!!! I am extremely pleased with her services as well as her talent and professionalism!”



"I knew I liked Holly's style from her website, and was so pleased that it came through in all of the photos she took for our wedding. There's a whole mix of fun, serious, and emotional moments and all of them are beautiful. People keep telling us they're the best wedding photos they've seen. She captured us and our day perfectly, adding her own signature perspective to them. She was a pleasure to work with and made us feel at ease instantly."

“I travel for work quite often and did not have the time to micromanage my wedding so I left much of the direction to Holly's expertise. Our pictures came out fantastic and she was wonderful to work with, adding fun and enjoyment to the event. We wanted to capture the moments in our wedding pictures and Holly definitely had a good eye for all the shots. We got terrific pictures and Holly was very easy to work with. I am extremely happy that we had her as our photographer.”  

"Holly has shot celebrities, weddings, children, fashion, athletes, ads, etc. She is an experienced and educated professional, but does not come across as arrogant or drill 'sergeanty' as some photographers can. I know firsthand how a bossy photographer can stress out a bride and her family. I felt so comfortable after meeting with her, I even brought my eleven year-old daughter along to the actual shoot. She and Holly became fast friends! She's great with kids! I also liked that she was open to shooting outdoors or on location if I desired."

"Holly was our photographer for our wedding and we were blown away by the quality, creativity, and uniqueness of her photos. Her photos were beautiful and captured true emotions, which I didn't even know a photo could do! She was very friendly, easy going, and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again for any event."